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Psychological Services


I'm Amy Patterson, a neurodivergent psychologist and the founder of The Mind Place.

The Mind Place is a specialized practice committed to supporting neurodivergent individuals. It's a safe haven of self-exploration, where thinking differently is celebrated. Whether you identify as Autistic and/or as someone with ADHD, The Mind Place specializes in providing tailored support for you.

As both a professional and a member of the neurodivergent community, I have an in-depth appreciation and comprehensive understanding of how neurodivergence impacts daily life, relationships, education, and work. I'm here to join you in the fight for understanding, support, and acceptance. Often, it's the world around us that needs to do better, and I'm here to be your ally in that journey. 

I am committed to providing ethical, empowering, and well-informed psychological services that place a high value on the wisdom gained from lived experiences. I am dedicated to upholding the rights of all people and providing a safe, authentic, nonjudgmental, and affirming space for neurodivergent individuals to explore their minds, challenges, and strengths.

Amy Patterson, Neurodivergent Psychologist

What is Neurodivergence?

Embracing a neurodivergent perspective recognizes and values these differences as part of the diverse human experience. It emphasizes the importance of understanding and accommodating individuals with unique cognitive styles, preferences, and strengths. 

Neurodivergence is a broad term encompassing various neurological differences. It describes individuals whose thinking, processing, feeling, and communicating (and so much more) diverges from the dominant social norms. At the Mind Place, the primary focus is on providing support to Autistic and/or ADHD individuals.  




Individual Adult Counselling


Child & Adolescent Counselling


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